The World’s Best Single Malt Scotch Brands

Are you thinking which single malt scotch to buy? If you are giving it to a special someone or to a very important person, you should consider choosing from the world’s best single malt scotch brands. Got no idea which brands are on the list? Allow us to introduce them to you.

Glen Grant

Scotch whiskies are not only for grown-ups; they are also for young people. Specifically, Glen Grant’s single malt scotch has successfully captured the attention of the younger generation. In Italy, France and Spain, this is drunk along with cola.

Glen Grant Distillery was an unlicensed whiskey distilling company in Scotland founded in 1823 by brothers John and James Grant. However, the vision, as well as the ambition of these two former illegal distillers has been fulfilled that Glen Grant began to operate legally and is now one of the most popular single malt scotch brands today. However, it was the innovative ideas, own rules and own standards of young James, the nephew of John who inherited the company, that made Glen Grant distinctive. He introduced the use of tall slender stills and purifiers that generated the fresh malty flavor for the distillery.

The Glen Grant 10 Year Old is the most frequently noticed official release in the UK.


The isle of Jura is a paradise, with its magnificent views and walking trails. It is the home of no more than 200 people. It is also the home of Jura Distillery, founded in 1810. The Jura of today was established between 1960 and 1963 by Tony Riley-Smith and Robin Fletcher, in partnership with Charles Mackinlay & Co., a Scottish and Newcastle’s blending company. It flourished because of its production of malt similar to Highland style.

Jura’s single malt Scotch whiskey, the Tastival series, is a limited release. It is described to be “Christmassy” with its sultanas, raisins, hazelnuts and maple flavors. The youngest age for Jura Tastival is 14 years old.

Old Pulteney

It was in 1826 when Pulteney Distillery was founded. From the ownership of DCL, Buchanan-Dewar, Allied Domecq and Hiram Walker, the company was acquired by Inver House in 1995. It is among the few urban distilleries that remain in the ‘Pulteneytown’ area of Wick and the most northerly distillery in the mainland. Up to this day, it continues to use worm tub condenser, along with a small number of distilleries. But what’s not typical is that its condenser is made of steel and not wood. Brine, apple, nutmeg and toffee are distinct to Old Pulteney.

Old Pulteney Pentland Skerries is among the best single malt Scotch whiskies today. Its 17 Year Old and 21 Year Old drams remain to be competitive in the market.


Glenfiddich deserves to be in the list of the world’s best single malt scotch brands as it was the first distillery to ever market single malt outside of Scotland. It has been passed down through five generations but it is able to ensure the consistency and the excellent quality of its drams. Founded in 1886 by William Grant and his nine children, Glenfiddich Distillery takes pride in the heart of its operation to which it accounts its success: time and experience. It makes use of the premium malt produced by expert maltsters – but still according to the company’s specifications.

Pear, grass, sultana, apple and hay are the characters and styles of Glenfiddich.

Glenfiddich IPA’s packaging is indicative of its dark, wintery dram – but it’s not. The single malt whiskey is apparently light with lemon in there. There’s also a trace of chocolate and nutmeg.