Video Marketing

The world has really changed, and companies are moving from doing TV commercials to using modern means such as Facebook, Snap chat, and YouTube for marketing. This shows how videos have become crucial in today's world. Video marketing is using photos and videos to put a message across. Video marketing could be used to promote a brand, products, and services.

Benefits Of Using Video Marketing

There are many benefits one can gain from video marketing. However, this article will focus on the three major benefits.

Use Of Video Helps In Increasing Sales

A lot of buying decision is seen to be influenced by video marketing. Previous researches have shown that, out of buyers who watch a video on a particular product, 74% of them buy the product. This technique, therefore, is very useful in boosting sales. However, to benefit from this, the video content must be quality and appealing.

Helps Create Consumer Trust

Want to know how you can make buyers trust you and your products? Video marketing is a great way. With this, a company can showcase its products on a video and demonstrate to the viewers how it works. This consequently makes buyers trust the product and its manufacturer such as those various hosting speed comparison videos on YouTube.

Gives Access To A Large Market

Most people in the world are on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Research has proven that 50% of social platforms users love sharing video content with friends and therefore putting your videos on such platforms will help you have access to a broader audience. Additionally, video content is usually desirable to social platform users and occasionally prompt discussions. Posting such videos will, therefore, help you reach many people who can also give you product feedback.

How To Make Video Marketing Work For You

Have A Video Strategy

This entails doing good video planning. In this, you will need to determine the product you aim at marketing. Clearly, understand your target market, you have to understand what inspires them and also their likes and dislike. Understanding your target market will help you create video content that is appealing to them. Also, have a budget to track expenses.

Determine The Platform To Put Your Video

You should put your video in a platform where you know that your target market will have access to it. Also, get information about the platform you choose, for example, the duration of time they can run your video.

Make Your Video Interesting

- Your video must be compelling to the viewers and move them. A good video should make you connect to your target market.

- Make your video catch viewers` attention within the shortest time possible.

- Ensure that your video is good enough to catch the viewers` attention within the first 10 seconds. This will make the viewers want to watch the whole of it.

Challenges Of Video Marketing

Cost is the most challenging issue in video marketing. To make video marketing very effective, you need a good marketing platform, professional team to take videos, proper equipment, and also editing software. This could be quite expensive thus good budget planning is essential.

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